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A furniture studio that creates and curates furniture options based on your taste and requirements

It is our spirit and innovation that keeps us ahead in the race!

Our humble journey started way back in 1992. A small furniture manufacturing unit then has transformed itself with time to become one of the finest furniture studios in the whole of Delhi. Today, we have a big team of designers and architects working with us on different projects. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is spread across 21,000 sq ft in area. A visit to our modern workshop will bring you up close with global designs that assure you of a higher lifestyle.
BRV Furniture Studio has always been known for its best-in-class and trendy signature products and collections. Whatever solution you need concerning wood work, metal work, sculpture work, and CNC work, we are ready at your service at short notice. We are the one-stop destination for all your furniture needs.

Guaranteed Best Solution to You!

When you choose BRV Furniture Studio for your requirements, expect nothing but guaranteed solutions. Our modern furniture studio is equipped with the latest technologies and infrastructure to provide you solutions that are effective, durable, and trendy. We endeavor to provide our customers with customized designs in tune with their needs and preferences. And for this, we innovate and experiment a lot. The design options we provide you are not just practical but also reflect your taste and elegance.
Our team of designers and architects are always excited to work closely with you in delivering results that will stand the test of time and give you guaranteed results.

Our Process

Meet & Agree

We believe in creating ideas for your betterment. This is why, as a first step, we meet our customers to discuss their requirements with us. We try to analyze the requirements and preferences of customers to generate brilliant ideas. In this process, we collect details about customers’ project.

Proposal & Concept Creation

Once the details are collected from customers, our team turns to action. This is when we focus on planning and managing your space. Once the formulation is through and the concept is created, we send the same to customers for their approval.

Design & Create

Once the concept is approved from the customer’s end, detailed set of drawings along with rendering of finer concepts is provided so the customer can understand the project in a better way.

Build & Install

In this step, the conceptualized vision is brought to life by our experts through perfect build and installation process. We guarantee that our implementation will be perfect and just the way you would have hoped for.


Ready to take it a step further? Let’s start talking about
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BRV Furniture Studio is a classical comfort custom made furniture studio that creates and curates Excellent top-end home decorative range for the selective

In 1992, BRV Furniture Studio began furniture analysis with a group of designers and architects. BRV Furniture Studio spread in 21,000 sqft of state of the art workshop.BRV Furniture Studio bring out own signature products and collections. Our Top Priority offers solution for all metal work, wood work, Sculpture work, storage and testing of finished products.

Office Address:
37/2/5, Sahibabad Industrial Estate, Site IV, Near Passport Office. Site 4,
Ghaziabad – 201010, Uttar Pradesh, India
Contact Person: Mr. Rishab Vadhera
Mobile: +91-9810010962, +91-9560535000
Email Id: rishabvadehra@brv.co.in, studio@brv.co.in

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