The ambience of your bedroom area speaks a lot about your personality and decor taste. The decor of this area of your home should be such that it will have positive effects on your mood, sleep, and mind. When you’re able to recreate the bedroom environment that is pleasant and serene, you can easily induce sleep, change the mood, and relax your mind. Customized Bed Manufacturer.Our impressive sets of beds are designed and developed keeping your tastes and preferences in mind. Check out the collection today!


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BRV Furniture Studio is a classical comfort custom made furniture studio that creates and curates Excellent top-end home decorative range for the selective

In 1992, BRV Furniture Studio began furniture analysis with a group of designers and architects. BRV Furniture Studio spread in 21,000 sqft of state of the art workshop.BRV Furniture Studio bring out own signature products and collections. Our Top Priority offers solution for all metal work, wood work, Sculpture work, storage and testing of finished products.

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37/2/5, Sahibabad Industrial Estate, Site IV, Near Passport Office. Site 4,
Ghaziabad – 201010, Uttar Pradesh, India
Contact Person: Mr. Rishab Vadhera
Mobile: +91-9810010962, +91-9560535000
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